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Helium Price Rises Jan 2019

As a National Promotor for Air Products Plc, CLICK4 has received two price rises on Helium Gas in quick succession which sadly has had to be passed onto customers. These price rises are not unique to us and affect all major Helium suppliers in the UK who have dramatically had to increase prices late December 2018 and January 2019 due to sourcing issues, wholesale price rises and Global supply chain delays. CLICK4 will remain a reliable source for your Helium throughout 2019 and we hope that once the Qatar 3 pipeline reopens, global prices reduce.

Air Products Explanation

Media continues to report that the helium market is once again in a period where global demand is outstripping available supply.  Over recent years, Air Products has taken strategic steps to diversify its helium sourcing portfolio to give us the most robust helium supply chain out of all the major industrial gas players.  Despite these efforts we continue to face pressures from the market in terms of availability and cost.

  • The new Qatar 3 helium source, expected to come onstream during 2018 is delayed due to issues with the feed gas pipeline.  Until this pipeline has been repaired the plant cannot produce helium.  It is now not expected onstream until 2019/20.
  • Global demand for Helium is exceeding supply and is expected to continue. This is forcing more pressure on the supply of molecules and supply chain resources to move the product around the globe to where our customers are.

Air Products is committed to remaining the global number one supplier of Helium.  We continue to have the capability to supply but recognise the need to seek new sources of Helium and supporting infrastructure to meet our customer demand.  This necessitates the need to access molecules from more distant and costly sources around the globe

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