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Blue Orbz Balloon (15") 1pc

15" Blue Orbz Balloon sold flat. Pack of 1 Orbz Balloons.
Self-Sealing Valve.

Capacity: 1.06 cubic ft
Requires Helium Gas.

Float Time: 2 weeks
Product Brand:   AMSCAN
Product Code:   C4B_2820401
Condition:   New
£2.16 (ex. VAT)

Blue Orbz Balloons - Orbz Balloons Wholesale

  • 15" Orbz Balloons sold flat (packaged) 1pc per pack.
  • Blue Orbz Balloons are fast & easy to inflate.
  • Orbz Balloon Helium Capacity 1.06 cubic feet each. Self-Sealing Valve (Can be reinflated)
  • Orbz Balloon Size: 15" Wide x 16" High

Inflate Orbz balloon with helium at room-temperature. Can be re-inflated. Average good float-time: 2-3 weeks but may last longer depending on conditions. Once inflated, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. In cold air, the helium balloon will deflate slightly, exposure to warm air will restore proper inflation. Excessive heat could cause the balloon to burst.

Caution: Do not release helium-filled balloons outdoors or near power lines. This balloon may conduct electricity. Misuse can cause injury. Dispose of properly. Helium gas should never be inhaled.

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