l Balloon Valves with Ribbon for easy helium filling
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Balloon Valves

Helium Balloon Valves with ribbon attached for easy and fast inflation of helium latex balloons - Balloon Valves with Free Delivery - CLICK4 now offers standard Prolite Balloon Valves, Helium Saver Balloon Valves and the Eco-Friendly 100% Biodegradable Balloon Valve.

CLICK4 is your ideal supplier for Balloon Stoppers with ribbon pre-attached in a coil. These balloon valves are easy to fit and fast to fill. Self-sealing balloon valves means not tying knots or cutting ribbon, simply inflate and hand-out or decorate. The attached ribbon to the helium balloon valve is approx 1 metre in length.
Balloon Valves for Latex Balloons (Prolite 100pcs)
£8.33 (ex. VAT)
Self-sealing Balloon Valves with Ribbon for 9-12" latex balloons. Ribbon Valves save massive amounts of time if you have lots of latex balloons to inflate. 1m of white ribbon attached to each Balloon Valve.

Pack of Balloon Valves 100pcs
Qualatex Quickie Ties (34MM) 100pcs
£4.33 (ex. VAT)
Fast Sealing balloon discs for 9,10 or 11 inch latex balloons. One per balloon.

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