l 9" Helium Balloon Kit - 1-Colour Kit
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9" Latex Balloon Kit - Large 1-Colour

Large Latex Balloon Kit starts with a disposable helium cylinder & nozzle, then add 50 x 9" latex balloons (choose balloon colour), add ribbon & balloon weights to build Balloon Kit as required.

Balloon Kit Weight: 5.5KG

Total Kit: 50 x 9" Latex Balloons
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Offers everything needed to inflate 50 x 9" latex balloons. The base Balloon Kit starts with one disposable helium gas cylinder and nozzle (14.9 cubic feet of helium). Customers then add 50 x 9" latex balloons, Ribbon and Weights as required to create a unique 1-Colour Balloon Kit.

Choose 1 colour for your latex balloons (50 pieces of your colour will be included) from the colour selector below:

Usage Instructions & Warning:

Simply open the valve on the top of the cylinder, place the neck of your latex balloon over the black easy-fill nozzle and depress the nozzle which releases the helium gas. To stop inflation, simply let the black nozzle return to the horizontal position. Remove balloon and tie knot. The valve can be shut to store any remaining helium for another time as required. Never inhale helium gas.

Upgrades - Ribbon, Accessories & Weights can be added below.

We recommend purchasing the standard 90m white spool of ribbon as a minimum, which can be upgraded to a larger 500m spool of any colour if required. Balloon weights can also be added. Some weights are available below, or alternatively visit our Balloon Weight Section.

Ribbon Valves are an excellent time-saver when inflating latex balloons. Supplied loose with a 1m length of white ribbon pre-attached, simply fit the latex neck over the valve head to create a seal, then inflate with Helium as normal. No tying knots and no attaching ribbon. Float-time will be marginally reduced when using Ribbon Valves. Fits 9", 10" and 11" latex balloons.

Make or Buy a Balloon Sizer to get the best from your Balloon Kit: Simply cut a 9,10 or 11" diameter circle from a flat piece of cardboard before inflating balloons. Inflate balloon in the middle of the cut-out and stop inflating when the balloon touches the sides of the template. This avoids over-inflating balloons. 

Inflate balloons at the latest time possible before your event if you are not using Hi-Float. Hi-Float balloon treatment extends the float-time from 8-12hrs to 2-3 days. Ideal if you need to set-up the day before. Available separately. 

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